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Create an office account at and enter office setup product key to download and install office setup. Sign in to manage office 2019, 365 subscriptions.

How to Get Office Setup with Product Key?

If you want to purchase office 365 or office 2019, with product key, office setup product key is important to activate office setup. there are two methods to purchase it, you can purchase it online from Amazon and Microsoft store, you will find this product key at your registered email address linked with office my account, and also you can buy office product key offline from any retail store, you will find the product on the backside of the retail card. Office setup product key looks Like: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.

Steps to Download Office Setup

Before installation and activation, you need to download your office setup to use office setup to make your work easier, downloading of office setup is pretty easy you just need to follow these instructions mentioned below:

office download

Install Office Setup in PC or Mac

Microsoft Office has many programs like MS Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. After completing the downloading process of MS Office, go through the steps given below and download it on your device.

Activating Office Through

activate office setup

Once the installation process is completed, now it is time to activate the Microsoft product using A product key is required for the activation process. Follow the given steps to activate MS Office Setup.

Procedure to Re-install Office Setup

If you want to Reinstall Office on your device then you need to follow these instructions mentioned below:

Get Support with Office Setup

ms office support

We are available 24/7 to help you out with Office 365, office 2019 setup and other Office related issues. If the resolution above doesn’t seem to be enough to get the job done, contact our Office Setup Support team at With the expertise of our highly knowledgeable support professionals, we can remove all your hindrances promptly.